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Parc national de la Vanoise




France’s first national park, created in 1963, the Parc national de la Vanoise, located in the heart of the Savoie department, is a protected natural area.

It has three main missions: to protect a rich and fragile natural area, to share knowledge about these heritages in order to raise awareness among as many people as possible, and to support local players in their projects and activities with respect for these species, environments and heritages in a context of climate change that is even more marked in the mountains.

The National Park is also a permanent place of discovery and experimentation for young people, visitors, naturalists and scientists in many fields.

With the Foundation and its Friends

The funds raised by the Friends of the Foundation will enable the Park to continue its work to preserve the tranquillity of the fauna in this exceptional area: black grouse, bearded vulture, rock ptarmigan, etc. as well as ibex, chamois, mountain hare and many others.

Through our activities, in all seasons and often without realising it, we disturb the balance of the different animal and plant species that inhabit our mountain environments.

Through their actions, the park’s agents try to prevent the consequences of these disturbances by means of measures implemented in the field.