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Thank you for supporting Friends of the Club Med Foundation.Our partner the King Baudouin Foundation has the right to issue donation tax receipts for the following countries: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Canada and the USA.

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The Club Med Foundation

The Club Med Foundation was created in 1978; it’s one of the oldest foundations to have been created by a company. It’s an integral part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme, ‘Happy to Care’.

The Foundation: fostering solidarity

Having led the way when it comes to encouraging employee involvement in CSR initiatives, the Club Med Foundation is continuing to move forward, shaping new ways to support good causes that utilise not just the time and skills of staff but the entire Club Med value chain, for the benefit of local charities: from financial support to supplier involvement, from giving or loaning out equipment to donating holidays, from employee engagement to customer engagement.

It focuses on two priority areas, drawing on the support of key partners identified near Club Med’s sites and selected for the effectiveness of their work:

  • Youth: education and recreation for vulnerable young people
  • Environment: protection of biodiversity
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A few figures


partners supported in 20 countries.

+20 000

beneficiaries supported each year.


small-scale producers supported in 9 countries.


holidays gifted to disadvantaged young people and partner organisations each year.

Vulnerable young people: facilitating access to education and recreation for all

EDUCATION: supporting the education of vulnerable children, distributing packs of school equipment, providing electricity to schools, etc.

HEALTH: supporting school healthcare programmes and fulfilling the dreams of seriously ill children and teenagers, etc.

SPORT & RECREATION: organising Sports School programmes (tennis, golf, swimming, archery, dance), the Goûter Planétaire (Worldwide Snack Party), activity days, etc.

GATEWAY TO CAREERS: offering programmes introducing young people to jobs with the Club, followed by work experience that can lead to employment.

Agroecology, ocean conservation and supporting environmental charities

GREEN FARMERS: supporting local farming and food that’s good for both us and the planet by providing small-scale producers with help in the areas of management and agroecology.

SEA BLUE: fighting plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea with Expédition Med and protecting cetaceans with the WCA (World Cetacean Alliance).

KEEPING IT GREEN: partnerships with local associations for the protection of biodiversity.

GMs at the heart of the action

More than ever, our customers, or GMs, are showing us they are ‘happy to share’ and the Foundation offers them multiple different ways to contribute to its work.

Fundraising: GMs can support the Foundation’s work financially. This can be at parties or sporting/recreational events at the resorts or outside of their holidays through online auctions and prize draws.

It is also possible to make a donation when booking a holiday or year-round on the Friends of the Foundation website.
Every penny of the secure donations goes to the projects and charities the Foundation helps.

‘Friends of the Club Med Foundation’ is a charity account administered by the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium. This highly-reputed umbrella foundation is a guarantee of the quality of the projects selected and the reliability of the donation channels. It also allows you to benefit from tax deductions in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Canada and the USA.

“The Foundation responds to local needs by sharing its resources between multiple programmes supported by GOs and GEs around the world. And it’s thanks to the generosity of our customers, our Great Members who’ve become ‘Great Donors’, that more and more projects are able to be completed, and more quickly.”

Agnès Weil, Executive Director of the Club Med Foundation