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Ma chance, moi aussi



A social innovation approach
Ma Chance Moi Aussi has developed a unique model of support for children from disadvantaged areas.

In collaboration with state schools, the charity identifies children from families facing obstacles to their education at an early stage. From the age of 6, it provides them with comprehensive support, both with their school studies and wider development, aiming to prevent as many difficulties as possible.

For 10 hours each week, outside of school, teams of education professionals and psychologists work with the children at our centres. They are signed up to clubs in their towns/cities on Wednesday afternoons, when French schools are closed, in order to encourage them to take part in sports and develop values such as hard work, team spirit and self-challenge. During the school holidays, various activities and trips are organised, giving the children and teenagers the chance to explore new horizons and learn how to live harmoniously within society.

The charity works with over 300 children in France, with their parents and continuously until the age of 16, to support them throughout their whole journey through childhood and adolescence. The aim is to encourage their independence, their sense of responsibility and their critical thinking so that they can make informed decisions and have the means to choose the lives they want and achieve success.

With the Foundation and its Friends

Several times a year, in winter and summer, the GOs and GEs welcome the children supported by Ma Chance, Moi Aussi to Club Med’s resorts for days of fun and sport or for holidays (Helping Through Holidays programme).

The funds raised are used to support various projects depending on the charity’s current priorities.