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Fondation Tropicalia


Dominican Republic

Fundación Tropicalia is a non-profit organisation that promotes the socioeconomic and environmental development of Miches, positioning this community as a sustainable tourism destination. The foundation was created in 2008 by Tropicalia, a sustainable tourism and property development project by Cisneros Real Estate.

With over 10 years of experience on the ground, Fundación Tropicalia designs and implements programmes for the local community in four key areas: environment, education, productivity and sociocultural advocacy. It promotes innovative, high-impact projects in the fields of agriculture, gender equality, education, environment, entrepreneurship and microfinance.

With the Foundation and its Friends

The Club Med Foundation supports the Tropicalia Foundation through various programmes (Worldwide Snack Party, donation of holidays and items, etc.).

The funds raised are used to support various projects depending on the charity’s current priorities.