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Expédition Med





Expédition MED is the first French NGO to have launched a citizen science programme on plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Expédition MED’s goal is to make people aware of plastic pollution in the sea and recognise the severity of the problem.

Contribute to scientific research on plastic pollution in the sea, with the creation of a citizen science laboratory for data collection on the ground.

Develop an international network united around the cause, made up of research centres and environmental organisations, especially in the Mediterranean, active specifically in the study of plastic waste and the fight to reduce it.

Raise awareness among the general public, decision makers and politicians of the harmful effects of plastic pollution in the sea and get them involved, using data endorsed by the scientific community

Support alternative solutions to traditional fossil-fuel-based plastic and encourage a shift in everyday habits towards mindful consumption.

To this end, we aim to rally the will, the skills and the means to offer solutions.

Only concerted action from all stakeholders in society will be effective in tackling the environmental and societal challenge posed by the plastic waste poisoning our oceans.

That’s why Expédition MED is working to raise awareness among young people, the general public, researchers, manufacturers, decision makers and politicians.

With the Foundation and its Friends

The Club Med Foundation provides financial support for Expédition MED’s scientific expeditions in the Mediterranean and also gives all Club Med GOs the opportunity to devote a week of their holiday to a unique experience on board Expédition Med’s ship or take part in scientific research expeditions on volunteer leave.

The funds raised will contribute to funding Expédition MED’s scientific expeditions, which take place every summer in the Mediterranean Sea.